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After you had a chance to look at the property and decided to apply for rent, please follow the outlined below steps: application
  • Contact us to get the password for any documents

  • Print out the Rental Application document

  • Fill out named above documents accurately. Please provide enough information for each section of the document.

  • Sign and mail both documents to us. Enclose the $207.50 check to reserve apartment and the copy of your pay stab for the verification purpose. ($7.50 for checking your credit history)

    Note: If your application will get approved, $200 will be included into your first month payment. If your application will be refused, we can destroy the check or mail it back to you. If your application get approved but you change your mind regading the rent, your deposit to reserve apartment will not be returned.

  • The last document that you will need to enclose in the envelope is a copy of your last month's bank statement. We need it to verify that you have actual account in the bank and enough funds to pay for rent.

    Mail To:
    11 Rush Vine ct
    Owings Mills, MD 21117-183
           What to mail:
    1. "Rental Application"
    2. $207.50 check
    3. A copy of your last 2 months' bank statement (no acct# is needed)
    4. A copy of your last pay stab or a copy of a Job Offer Letter

  • The company's Management will review your application, verify your references, and will contact you shortly.

What will happen next?

If your application will get approved:
  • We will contact you at the specified in the Application telephone number;

  • You will get the password to print out the next document;

  • You will print out the 2 copies of Rental Agreement document (will be sent to you my e-mail);

  • One of our Managers will either meet you personally to explain every paragraph of the document, or it can be done over the phone;

  • You will fill out all necessary sections and sign both documents;

  • You must attach two separate cashiers checks or money orders (one for security deposit that will be returned to you after you move out from the apartment, and one as your first month payment). The security deposit fee is equal one month rentals fee.

  • If you need to mail the documents, please mail them to the same address (see above). Don't forget to enclose the checks.

  • And, finally, we will contact you to schedule the meeting to give you the keys from your future home!

  • At the same time, we will ask you to make one more step that will protect you against any confusions in the future when you will vacate from the apartment. There is a Property Checklist that you will want to fill out and mail to us within 3 days after you inspected the apartment.

That's all! Congratulations, and welcome to your new home!

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